A Behind the Scenes Look at How Aabel Fuels Uses Technology

15th October 2015 by Aabel Fuels

Running an oil and fuel delivery service requires a priority on planning and always keeping contact with our team. This video from Bell gives you a behind the scenes look at how we use new technology to streamline our deliveries and always stay in contact with our fleet of drivers.

At this time operations are very close to normal. We are asking that no one interacts with our drivers in order to limit the contact with public for the time being. We have suspended any customers from paying at the door for oil, and ask that you pay through our website through the order online tab or the account payment tab, and you may also call us at 902-462-8071. We have also closed our office doors to the general public in order to also limit contact with the public, and ask that you phone us in order to make contact during normal business hours.