Automatic Delivery


Guaranteed never to run out of oil. If this situation occurs we will pay for our burner technician to bleed and restart the furnace.

*FREE CLEANING ON A NON-DISCOUNTED, QUALIFYING ACCOUNT*. We will pay for a cleaning of the customer’s furnace once every calendar year as long as they remain an automatic customer of ours. This service will be available after an initial 6 month waiting period while on automatic. The cleaning covers cleaning of the furnace/boiler and replacement of the nozzle and filter. *some conditions apply, please call for details*

PRICING. There will be no additional charges for signing up for automatic delivery. You will receive our daily posted rate on the date of delivery.

NO CONTRACT REQUIRED PAYMENT METHOD.The only payment method accepted at this time for automatic delivery accounts is Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

DURATION OF AUTOMATIC PROGRAM. The automatic program will run from Oct – June and be delivered as per the schedule that your property requires. Also, the majority of residential accounts will not be delivered to in the month of May, in anticipation for your final fill up in June. If you do not request your account to be stopped, it will automatically restart in the next heating season.

*Please talk to an Aabel Fuels Ltd CSR for limitations on this type of an account

Download Automatic Delivery Application

Budget Deliveries

Budget deliveries are a scheduled delivery system that is put in place to ensure that you never run out of oil during the winter season with the comfort of a set monthly payment. This service runs from September – June, with no deliveries in May. You can sign on mid-program if you wish, a representative can explain what happens in this scenario.

Included in your Budget service is a guarantee that you will never run out of oil on our account. Should that scenario occur, we will get oil out to you ASAP and we will send a burner technician out to your residence after the oil has been delivered, to re-start the furnace/boiler. This re-start fee will be paid for by us. Deliveries will be made every 4 weeks. You can adjust this frequency to be fewer weeks should your residence require it.

Payment on an approved Budget account will be withdrawn from the bank account of your choice on either the 15th or the 30th of each month. The monthly amount is determined when the application is processed, at which time you will be contacted with the result of your application along with the monthly payment amount. At this time, you have the opportunity to accept or decline.

We will need the last 12 months history of the oil consumption for the delivery address you wish to put on the Budget Program. If you were an existing Aabel Fuels Ltd. Customer we can look this up, if you were with a different fuel provider please include this with your application.
Being that there are no interest charges on an up to date account, there will be an additional $0.025 per litre charge on top of the regular price at the time of delivery.

View terms & conditions for full details

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